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QVI SNAP Digital Measuring System

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QVI  SNAP™ may be the most productive machine in your shop.  SNAP’s advanced video imaging technology allows measurement of entire parts at the touch of a button.

SNAP’s telecentric optics have a generous 78mm field of view, and a large focal range, allowing a wide range of part sizes and shapes to be measured. With 75mm of vertical worktable adjustment, SNAP has the measurement volume to handle a wide variety of parts.

A digital megapixel camera provides high definition video images. Advanced image processing lets you zoom in on any part of the field of view to isolate and measure small details with up to 50 nanometer resolution - without moving the part.

SNAP includes three LED lighting systems: 
Backlight for profile projection, square-on top light for looking into bores and cavities, and an 8-sector bi-color ring light for highlighting surface features. 

Get the perfect lighting for every part.

Get the Big Picture

High Definition Video

Flexible IlluminationMeasure-X 2D - The Ultimate in Capability ® Measure-X  2D metrology software provides a full range of feature measurements with unlimited numbers of points or measurement steps in a routine.

To run a part routine, just place the part and press ENTER. The unique Autocorrelate function in Measure-X 2D automatically locates the part and its orientation, eliminating the need for any manual setup. 

Programming is simple too.  Work from a CAD drawing, sample part, or just walk up and measure - SNAP.

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