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OGP Smartscope Vantage 250

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Precision parts have tight tolerances and increased demands on quality.Now there is a benchtop metrology system that meets these requirements - SmartScope® Vantage™ 250. This system has unique features to provide needed measurement accuracy.

SmartScope Vantage 250 features innovative TeleStar® optics,specially-designed for metrology,to provide superior imaging. The fully telecentric,continuously variable,10:1 AccuCentric® zoom lens auto-calibrates at every zoom change, giving Vantage a level of performance previously thought possible only in fixed lens systems.

Equip Vantage with optional touch probe,DRS™ or unique TeleStar TTL LWD laser, micro-probes,or rotary indexer,and this compact metrology system is ready to handle the toughest three-dimensional multisensor applications. Features include:

Exclusive OGP® programmable illumination technology for true automation. Substage profile light with electronically controlled irises to synchronize illumination to zoom lens magnification,coaxial TTL surface light, and patented LED SmartRing™ light are all standard on SmartScope Vantage.

Centered Y-axis drive,cast metal base,and heavy gauge column support 0.1 µm (0.05 µm optional) scales for high resolution positioning when using any sensor — video, laser,touch probe,or micro-probe.

MeasureMind® 3D MultiSensor metrology software for full 3D analysis and control. The flexible 3D datum environment of MeasureMind 3D features datum axis or datum plane creation in full 3D space.

Measuring range : 300 X 150 X 200 mm (XYZ)

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