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Rotary Indexer

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Rotary indexers from OGP® are programmable angular positioning devices designed for use with most SmartScope® and QuickView™ measuring systems. Three different rotary indexers are offered, appropriate for the accuracy, resolution, and size of the part that needs to be measured. 

Rotary indexers can be mounted to the machine's worktable to provide horizontal or vertical
rotation.  Some rotary indexers can be combined to provide two separate rotary motions whose axes are perpendicular to one another.  These indexers allow a part to be rotated to bring hidden features into view of video, laser sensors, and touch probes during measurement routines, eliminating part re-fixturing.

MeasureMind®3D MultiSensor metrology software provides complete control of single or compound rotary motion during part rotation and can rotate the part coordinate reference system in space to maintain datum integrity

Maximum load capacity up to 30 kg-cm (26 lbs-in) is available

Parts can be securely mounted using several kinds of chucks, including 3-jaw chucks and collets

Use as an indexer to eliminate part setups and save on fixturing costs

Use as a true 4th and 5th axis to define complete 3D relationships of non-coplanar features

A wide range of rotary configurations are available to fit a variety of applications from simple turned parts to complex parts, such as turbine blades and vanes