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Touch Probe

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Contact sensors can reach areas inaccessible to video, allowing more measurements of a part in a single setup.  OGP® SmartScope® multisensor systems can combine video and touch probe measurements in a part routine, saving time and minimizing part handling.

Drawing on nearly twenty years of OGP multisensor experience, touch probe options are available for SmartScope Flash, ZIP, Quest, Apex, and certain SmartScope MVP metrology systems.

Touch probe options from OGP are integrated into system hardware and OGP metrology software — Measure-X™ and MeasureMind® 3D MultiSensor for seamless operation.  Combine video and touch probe measurements in a part routine, and switch between video and touch probe measurements at any time. 

A unique probe-to-optics offset calibration ensures that all sensors are referenced to the same coordinate system, so measurements are sensor independent within a measurement routine.

A reference sphere and calibration software are available for OGP touch probes. Compatible probe sensors, detachable stylus modules, and many popular styli are available from OGP, or other sources.

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