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Off-Axis DRS Laser

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Add a DRS (Dynamic Range Sensor) Laser to your SmartScope® Flash™, Quest™, ZIP, ATS, or Apex to get noncontact, high resolution surface profiles through sophisticated laser triangulation.  SmartScope systems with DRS lasers add detailed surface contouring to your video measurements for more part information in a single setup.

Three DRS Laser probes are available, with unique capture ranges, standoff distances, and resolutions.  Since they are factory calibrated and self-contained, DRS Lasers need no internal adjustment.

The detector in the DRS senses surface height changes as the part is translated beneath it, or the DRS moves over the part.  Measured points appear as a point cloud representing the feature contour map.  Linear and area profiles are easily acquired.

Two laser scanning modes are available by checking a box in MeasureMind® 3D MultiSensor.  When using MeasureMind 3D, you can scan a specified distance, collecting data within the capture range of the laser.  Or take advantage of the Z axis measurement range of your video system to dynamically scan large variations in the part profile.

Most SmartScope systems include automatic deployment mechanisms so the DRS can be used when required, and moved out of the way during other measurements.

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