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TTL (Thru The Lens) Laser

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The  through-the-lens (TTL) laser is designed exclusively for OGP® SmartScope® Flash/CNC and ZIP systems.  This non-contact point sensor can focus its light very precisely, providing a small spot size and extremely accurate surface focus when measuring.  With a working distance as large as 38 mm, Flash/CNC and ZIP TTL provides a comfortable clearance between optics and part.

· The Flash/CNC and ZIP TTL laser is co-axial with system video measurement optics
· The Flash/CNC and ZIP TTL laser allows video imaging of the part where the laser will operate
· Switch between video and laser measurements almost instantaneously
· Use the Flash/ZIP TTL laser throughout the system's complete XY travel range
· Large working distances allow users to focus on or scan parts without fear of striking the part or fixture
· Optional 5X lens increases lateral resolution for higher performance on diffuse surfaces
· The integral linear range sensor collects range information as its beam is scanned across the contours of a part

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