OPTICAL GAGING (M) SDN BHD A Leader In Non Contact Measuring System

Smartscope CNC 200/250/300/500/624/1500 are the robust vision measuring system with multisensor capabilities and big working area.

OGP Smartscope ZIPLite  250 / 300 are economical vision measuring system with  versertile optic and high performance Multisensor 3D Metrology software

OGP Smartscope ZIP 250 / 450 / ZIP Advance 450 are high accuracy and  superb performance vision measuring system with versertile optical system and multisensor capabilities

QVI SNAP is the Quick Field Of View 2D Digital Vision Measuring System

QVI Sprint MVP is the economical and yet powerful vision measuring system.

QVI Starlite 150 / 200 / 250 / 300 is semiauto vision measuring system with programming  and semiauto back capability.

View Micro Measuring System

High quality and robust contour projector that meet demanding application.

ShapeGrabber 3D laser scanning system

Optical Gaging Products (A Division of Quality Vision International) is a global leader in the manufacture of non-contact and multi-sensor metrology systems. OGP technology is used throughout the world by manufacturers to develop, maintain, and qualify production processes.

Whatever your metrology needs, OGP? has a cost effective solution. From manual inspection to fully automated, multi-sensor gaging, you've come to the right place.